The Ghost Inside’s Jonathan Vigil Discusses Recovery Progress Since Having His Ankle Fused

Jonathan Vigil has offered an update on his recovery progress since having his ankle fused in September. You can read what he had to say in the below Instagram post. The surgery was related to The Ghost Inside’s horrible November 2015 bus crash, which also left Vigil with a brain injury, a fractured neck, two broken ankles, a broken tooth and various cuts and abrasions. Other members are still recovering from significant injuries as well.

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Although I tend to complain about the speed of it, progress is progress. I decided to go through with a (very dreaded) ankle fusion in September. After spending two years in/on wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and canes, I decided that I couldn’t live with the pain anymore. The benefit being a more solid joint with significantly reduced pain. The downside is a complete loss of movement in my ankle. Coming from being fairly active (playing shows, hockey, etc.) it was a very hard reality to accept. In my heart of hearts, I knew things were never gonna be the same again but that didn’t stop me from always wanting to believe otherwise —- You may read that as me being pessimistic but it’s actually the opposite. Things aren’t how they were anymore, they’re just different. It’s the fact that I can get around easier now with less pain. It’s me not having to rely on others to do basic things anymore. It’s me regaining self sufficiency. It’s waking up everyday a little bit better than the day before. It’s beginning to live my life again, not necessarily worse, just different —- And at a time when it felt like it was going to be terrible forever, I progressed. Strides were made. Every day. Some days more than others, some more noteworthy than others but strides nonetheless. Today I progressed. My doctor told me that my boot can come off and I can start physical therapy to learn how to walk again. With no more pending surgeries or hospital stays planned, I can’t help but be happy —- Progress is slow. Progress is tough. Progress is frustrating. But after everything, progress is still progress

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