Sinsaenum (DragonForce, Ex-Slipknot, Etc.) Launch “A Taste Of Sin” Wine

Sinsaenum (DragonForce, Mayhem, ex-Slipknot, etc.) have joined forces with 666 Metal Wines to create “A Taste Of Sin” wine. A description of the beverage was posted on

The A TASTE OF SIN 2015 shines in a deep, dark red. The smell reveals plums and sweet cherries, which are supported by a smoky-spicy fragrance. The bouquet indicates maturation in French oak barrels. On the palate, raspberries and subtle roasted aromas pamper. A full-bodied wine with a pleasant draft and ripe tannins.

Frédéric Leclercq (DragonForce) commented:

“I actually discovered this wine producer last year at the Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin. I got really surprised by its quality, and when I found out it was called 666 Metal Wines, I was sold! Back home, I ordered a case, and that’s how things started.”

Stéphane Buriez added:

“Out of all the batches we tried, the 2015 is the one that caught both our attention and palate. We didn’t want to put our name on any wine just for the sake of it. We chose quality over quantity, as this is only a limited-edition release.”

Leclercq continued:

“A lot of bands have their own booze, beer, wine and whatnot, but it doesn’t mean it’s actually good. This premium quality wine is perfect for every occasion — with food or without, with friends or on your own.”


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