Ex-Children of Bodom Guitarist Roope Latvala Says He Felt “Stabbed In The Back” By His Former Bandmates

Former Children Of Bodom guitarist Roope Latvala recently opened up about his exit from the band during a new interview with YLE. During the chat, Latvala said he “really feel(s) stabbed in the back by those guys,” and that he has “been bitter” towards them after getting “fired without an explanation.” He also added that he felt that “Children Of Bodom’s success had gone to” Alexi Laiho’s head and that Laiho started to “look down on” him. After getting fired Latvala suffered from depression and “started to focus on drinking.” He “couldn’t [even] touch [his] guitars,” and he felt “as if it was forbidden for [him] to play guitar.” Despite this, the article goes on to say that Roope has pulled out “a couple of Les Pauls” and is beginning to work on new music.

[via Blabbermouth]


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