Ice Nine Kills Premiere New Song “Enjoy Your Slay”

Ice Nine Kills have premiered a new song titled “Enjoy Your Slay.” This song is inspired by Stephen King‘s “The Shining” and it features a guest appearance from Sam Kubrick, the grandson of Stanley Kubrick, who is responsible for the film adaptation of “The Shining.”

Spencer Charnas said the following about the track, which was created in response to a fan voted poll:

“It was a close race, but Stephen King‘s classic tale of the Overlook Hotel’s winter caretaker and his descent into madness emerged as the victor. Being huge fans of not only the novel, but also of Stanley Kubrick‘s brilliant film adaptation, we knew in order for the song to work we would need to capture the unnerving isolation and traumatizing scenes of horror that occurred on those 447 pages and 144 minutes of film.”


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