Grim Reaper’s Steve Grimmett To Have More Of His Right Leg Removed

It was previously revealed that Grim Reaper’s Steve Grimmett, who has been keeping the band going under the Steve Grimmett‘s Grim Reaper moniker, recently fell ill with a life-threatening condition during a show in Guayaquil, Ecaudor, and had to get part of his leg amputated. Unfortunately it now appears that the vocalist has to have even more of his leg removed.


His wife, Millie Grimmett posted the following:

“Hi, everyone.
I’m sorry to say, tomorrow morning (Wednesday) Steve has to have another operation to remove more of his right leg. The open wound isn’t healing properly because of a blocked artery above his knee. So they are removing above the blockage in the hope the blood flow will be good enough to heal the next open wound. Once I hear how it went I will let you know.
We are fighting with Steve all the way.
Love and hugs. Millie 💋

Original Grim Reaper guitarist Nick Bowcott also commented:

“Steve is scheduled for operation #3 tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. So, even if you’re not religious, or don’t believe in some form of higher power, as the title of this piece states – please say a prayer or send positive vibes to him…plus Mille and his family too.

This is hard to write and even harder to imagine because, to speak in medical terms, it sucks- it sucks hard. And, as brave as Millie is, she shed a tear or five while we talked…and so did I. And, if that makes me a wimp, my friends, then please send me the T-Shirt and I’ll wear it with pride.

BTW, to the countless wonderful artists and friends who texted, e-mailed or found me at NAMM with the sole intention of wishing Steve the very best…thank you from the bottom of my once blackened heart. I’ve passed every single one onto Steve via Millie and I know that every single one adds further to the already indomitable spirit and strength of this true gentle-man (hyphenation 110% intentional).”

You can help Grimmett out by donating HERE.


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