Album Review: Blacklite District’s “1990”

Kyle Pfeiffer, aka Blacklite District, has returned with a new album called “1990” and it is a must have for any rock fan.

Musically, the effort takes modern hard rock and mixes it with 90’s-era elements. The end result is catchy, hard-hitting songs that you can’t help but move to.

Lyrically, the album takes the listener along for the ride as Pfeiffer takes on his inner demons. The powerful words put the musician’s personal struggles on full display. This includes dealing with addiction, dealing with loss, etc. The heavy subjects are presented in a way that could help bring a sense of catharsis to others facing similar issues.

All in all, “1990” is a killer hard rock record full of personal lyrics that have the potential to connect with people. The whole album is solid on all fronts, but there are several highlights that stick out including: “Gotta Get Outta Here,” “Clear Skies,” “This Is Where It Ends,” and “Thank You”.

You can check out a couple of music videos from the effort below and if you like what you hear, you can pick up the full album HERE.

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