Album Review: The L.A. Maybe’s “Dirty Damn Tricks”

The L.A. Maybe, the band featuring Alvi Robinson, the man who famously lost his job to audition for AC/DC in 2016, will be releasing their new album “Dirty Damn Tricks” on Friday (March 26) and it is a must have for any rock fan.

The record opens with “Mr. Danger,” a song that sounds like it came straight out of the Australian rock scene, whether it be AC/DC or Airbourne. The track pumps the listener up, before “Sucker Punch” breaks in with more of a Guns N’ Roses sound.

As one moves further through the album, they will continue to find hard-hitting tracks such as “Oh Sugar” and “She’s Reckless.” The latter has a sound reminiscent of Charm City Devils and it definitely stands out as one of the highlights on the effort.

Straight up rockers aren’t the only thing that the band have to offer either. After “She’s Reckless,” the group begin to slow things down a bit with “Peace of Mind,” before going full-on power ballad with “When I’m Gone,” which has a southern tinged musicality that almost resembles songs like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone” at times.

After “When I’m Gone,” things pick up again with “Take Me Away” and “Sweet.” “Take Me Away” is especially catchy with an 80s vibe akin to acts like L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat. That song gives way to the final tracks on the album, “Fake” and “Up Next To You,” which wrap things up the way they started, with blasts of AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses style hard rock.

All in all, “Dirty Damn Tricks” is an amazing album that only further proves the fact that rock music is alive and well.

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