Joe Satriani Announces June Art Showings

Joe Satriani will be hosting art showings at two Wentworth Gallery locations in Virginia and Maryland. The exhibits will feature a number of one-of-a-kind pieces including original canvases and hand painted guitars.

Here’s the dates:

06/11 McLean, VA – Wentworth Gallery at Tysons Galleria (at 3-6 p.m.)
06/12 Bethesda, MD – Wentworth Gallery at Montgomery Mall (at 1-3 p.m.)

Christian O’Mahony, principal at Wentworth Gallery, said the following:

“Joe is a master storyteller. Just as his music draws in the listener, his art draws in the viewer. His artwork is emotional, imaginative, and fantastic. Not only do you see the universe through Joe’s eyes, but you also contemplate our place in it.”

Satriani added:

“Music and art are my passions. I like making the invisible visible and the unimaginable real. The image on a canvas or an electric guitar for that matter can make you feel something unexpected and revealing, something that is the beginning of a greater personal insight. Challenging the straight line and the concepts of what belongs with what excites me. I want to experience new color combinations to make me see beyond the prevailing reality. There’s a balance between seriousness and humor that can imbue in a painting a kind of resilience and longevity, making it forever contemporary. When I paint and play my guitar, I strive to be in a state of exhilaration and communicate that feeling to my fans.”

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Crashdïet Share Music Video For “Powerline” Featuring Steel Panther’s Michael Starr

Crashdïet have premiered a new video for their song “Powerline.” The track, which features Steel Panther’s Michael Starr, is from the band’s latest album “Automaton.”

Will Ramos (Lorna Shore) & Nik Nocturnal Cover Chelsea Grin’s “Recreant”

Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos has teamed up with YouTuber Nik Nocturnal for a cover of Chelsea Grin‘s “Recreant.“ You can check that out below:

Nocturnal commented:

“I love a lot of early 2000s deathcore/metalcore tracks, so I thought, ‘Why not give them a well-deserved facelift with the craziest demon noisemaker I know (Will Ramos) and a smashing modern mix/master (Ashtone Productions — Darko, Kingdom Of Giants, Spite) to bring new life to these classics bangers?”

Ramos added:

“The deathcore scene is coming back, and we wanted to bring some life to a classic that may have been forgotten.”

Bullet For My Valentine Delay Deluxe Edition Of Their Self-Titled Album

Bullet For My Valentine have delayed the release of the new deluxe edition of their self-titled album. The effort will now be released on August 5 (vinyl out November 11).

“Bullet For My Valentine” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Parasite”
02. “Knives”
03. “My Reverie”
04. “No Happy Ever After”
05. “Can’t Escape  The  Waves”
06. “Bastards”
07. “Rainbow Veins”
08. “Shatter”
09. “Paralysed”
10. “Death  By  a Thousand Cuts ”
11. “Omen”
12. “Stitches”
13. “No More Tears”
14. “Step Out From the Inside”
15. “This Means War”

Necrophobic Re-Release “Satanic Blasphemies” With Bonus Tracks

Necrophobic have re-released their 2008 compilation album “Satanic Blasphemies.” The effort, which includes two bonus tracks, is available digitally and it will also be available on CD and vinyl on July 1.

“Satanic Blasphemies” Track Listing:

01. “Slow Asphyxiation (Demo 1990)”
02. “Realm of Terror (Demo 1990)”
03. “Retaliation (Demo 1990)”
04. “Sacrificial Rites (Demo 1991)”
05. “Unholy Prophecies (Demo 1991)”
06. “Inborn Evil (Demo 1991)”
07. “Shadows of the Moon (EP 1992)”
08. “The Ancients Gate (EP 1992)”
09. “Father of Creation (EP 1992)”
10. “Infernal Souls (Rehearsal 1989)” (previously unreleased)
11. “Realm of Terror (Rehearsal Demo 1989)” (previously unreleased)

Joakim Sterner commented:

“It’s a great feeling to be able to reissue these old and early recordings again, for our die hard fans. It’s also extra special as I found an old cassette that was our first ever recording we did in our rehearsal room with a track I have totally forgotten about, since it never got recorded again, but is now included on this reissue.”

Mötley Crüe Guitarist Mick Mars May Release His Solo Album Late This Year

Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars might finally release his long-awaited solo album late this year. The tentative timeline was revealed by the guitarist’s collaborator Paul Taylor.

Taylor said the following about the record on the “Sonic Dorms” podcast:

“That one, I wrote most of the record with Mick and Jacob Bunton, who sang with [former GUNS N’ ROSES drummer] Steve Adler. Me and Jacob have written a lot of stuff for TV together. I’m really excited to have that come out, and that, I think, is gonna be towards the end of the year.”

He continued:

“Mick is so awesome, and just the endless cool things he comes up with and the palette of sounds. There’s days I just go, ‘Is that guitar? Is that you doing all that?’ [It’s been] really fun. I’m very excited about that.”

Taylor also added:

“Mick doesn’t really want me to say too much about it. But he said it’s okay just to say it’s a heavy record — it’s definitely heavy — and it very versatile. I feel really lucky that I got to sit and work with him and turn these things into songs. I think it’s gonna blow some people away. It’s really cool.”

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Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Planning To Release Autobiography In Early 2023

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,”, Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler offered an update on his autobiography. The effort is currently expected to be released in early 2023.

Butler said the following:

“[It’s] finished. I sent the manuscript in three weeks ago, so now I’m just waiting for the edited version to come back so I can go nuts.”

He continued:

“The trouble is ever since I sent in the manuscript I thought about seven things I’ve left out. So I’m gonna probably drive them nuts now.”

Butler also added the following about release plans:

“I think it’s looking like the beginning of next year now.”

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