Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Ghoul, Etc. Set For 2022 Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival

The initial lineup has been revealed for this year’s Full Terror Assault Open Air festival. The event will take place at the Hogrock Campground in Cave-In-Rock, IL on September 7-10 and it will feature the following: Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, Ghoul, Skinless, Putrid Pile, No/Más, Axeslasher, Meet The Mailman, and Airacobra.

Deftones To Release “Beauty School” Pilsner This Week

Deftones have joined forces with Belching Beaver once again to create a new pilsner called “Beauty School.” The 5% ABV pale lager will be available on February 4 and it can be pre-ordered at craftshack.com. An official description of the beer can be found below:

“Beauty School is a modern take on the classic pilsner style. This beer takes the crisp and refreshing drinkability of a bright pilsner and packs in a dry hop regiment of tropical flavors and dank aromas that will drive you wild. You’ll be shooting for the stars after just one sip.”

Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With Bad Bible

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to artists that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Bad Bible.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

BAD BIBLE: Actually, the story of Bad Bible has begun in 2018. It all starts when Lena found Igor’s instrumental tracks interesting, and decided to try something to sing over them. Despite their different tastes, together they’ve created what they called “Shades”. About 3 months they recorded DIY EP “Silence Is Violent” and released it for free on Soundcloud. After that “Shades” broke up due to lack of time. But after 6 months they realized that they can’t just quit like this and reunited with a new name which reflects their worldview, which was in every word and every single note they’ve wrote – BAD BIBLE. This name means a lot to them and it also has different meanings for everyone who hears it. Bad Bible can be anything you want it to be. It depends on everyone’s perception.

2020 and 2021 were full of a new experience: Aleksey (bass) and Kirill (drummer) joined Bad Bible; band had their first live shows ever. Soon, they decided to play without drummer. And now, in 2022, they’re waiting for a new release, getting ready for new live shows and staying open for brand new horizons.

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

BAD BIBLE: The band was influenced by alternative rock and the nu-metal scene of 90-10 years such as Static-X, Rammstein, Korn, Slipknot, Godsmack, Celldweller, Linkin Park, Evanescence, etc.

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

BAD BIBLE: We’re glad to introduce our fresh release “A Place Beyond Time”, it’s coming 22.02.2022. It’s a new level, a new sound for us. For comparing you can listen to our latest release “Greed”. Definitely, you’ll hear the difference. It’s important for us to make steps forward.

Few words about “A Place Beyond Time”: it’s a hymn of loneliness. From us, who stopped living in a fear of being alone even for a short time, to people, who are still afraid of this. With this song we wanna say to everybody, that loneliness can be pure pleasure. It’s time, that belongs just to you and to no one else. It’s your own space. So, don’t be afraid of it. Enjoy your self-time!

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

BAD BIBLE: Our music is created by emotions, our feelings. So when you hear it live, it’s more powerful, you feel everything that we’ve put in it. We’re in love with music, so every live show gives emotions and energy exchange. We do what we love, love what we do and what we create. So everybody can feel it, when we’re on a stage.

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

BAD BIBLE: You never know, you never know… We’d like to take part in worldwide festivals. It’s a huge experience. To meet many different bands, also the bands who still give us inspiration. The main thing is to enjoy what you do. So, we just follow our hearts.

Metal Anarchy’s New Music Showcase: Exclusive Q&A With Show Your Face

Time for the next edition of Metal Anarchy’s “new music showcase,” the feature where I introduce you to artists that readers of this site may find interesting. This time I have an exclusive Q&A with Show Your Face.

METAL ANARCHY: Tell me a little about your band:

SHOW YOUR FACE: We are Show Your Face, a Groove Hardcore metal band from Karditsa, Greece. The band was originally formed as a 4 member band, back in 2007. We were young, restless and driven by our passion for music. Currently, the band is consisted of Huge (vocals, bass), Kostas Karageorgos (guitar), Achilleas Koutras (guitar). We have been performing in many Live Stages in Greece and abroad and have released 3 albums, one demo and one single : “YOU CAN’T AVOID” (Demo 2007) “LOST FAITH” (EP 2009 – Self Financed) “UNLEASH” (2011 – Orkestral Promenade Prod) “APNEA” (2013 – The Leaders Records) “APNEA” Japanese Edition – (2013 – The Leaders Records Japan) “SHOW YOUR FACE-III” (2017-straight from the heart records).

METAL ANARCHY: Who are your main influences?

SHOW YOUR FACE: Some bands that have inspired us over the years are: Gojira, Architects and Whitechapel.

In general, our songs reflect our personal experiences, our principals and beliefs. With our music we fight against the struggle of people trying to improve their lives today, but finding themselves helpless. Against the agony that everyone only cares for themselves. It’s a tribute to all these people, to feel they are heard and they are not alone. We are all together in this. We want you to come forward and SHOW YOUR FACE!!!

METAL ANARCHY: What is your latest release and why should readers of this site check it out?

SHOW YOUR FACE: At the moment, we are at the studio recording for our 4th album that will be available later this year! This will definitely be the most extreme album we have ever done! More aggressive and fast, but based in our original groove style. The highlights are the transitions between Deathcore and melodic. When it comes to production you will see attention to detail and we are excited to see the reactions of the people when it comes out!

This album will include 8 songs. 7 new songs and our single “Shot At Dawn”, which is already available on YouTube! We are planning to release one more song before the release of the album, so STAY TUNED!!!

Before that, our last release was in 2017, the album “Show your Face-III”. That was also the first album with our guitarist Kostas Karageorgos and the first time the band had 2 lead guitars, so this was a trigger for us to create diversity with Extreme, Groove and Melodic elements. Just listen to our music and feel it yourselves!

METAL ANARCHY: What can people expect when they go to your live shows?

SHOW YOUR FACE: Of course to have fun and feel the adrenaline! We want you to be one with us! Be crazy, full of energy and SHOW YOUR FACE! 🤟

METAL ANARCHY: Where do you see your band heading in 5 years?

SHOW YOUR FACE: We are keen to return on stage again as soon as possible with an international tour!
At the moment we are looking also for a new drummer and then we want to leave our path of Metal across the world from stage to stage!

Orgy Announce Spring U.S. Tour

Orgy have announced a spring U.S. tour with Death Valley High and Black Satellite. September Mourning and Oh! The Horror will also perform on select dates.

Tour Dates:

03/19 Las Vegas, NV – Soulbelly
03/20 Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock

With September Mourning:

03/23 Austin, TX – Come & Take It Live
03/24 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
03/25 Fort Worth, TX – Ridglea Theater
03/27 Sauget, IL – Pop’s
03/28 Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s
03/30 Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Iron Works
03/31 Reading, PA – Reverb
04/01 New Bedford, MA – The Vault
04/02 Syracuse, NY – The Lost Horizon
04/03 Parsippany, NJ – Dark Side Of The Con (Orgy & September Mourning only)
04/05 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
04/06 Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse

With Oh! The Horror:

04/07 Louisville, KY – Diamond Concert Hall
04/08 Akron, OH – Empire Concert Club
04/09 Janesville, WI – The Back Bar
04/10 Westland, MI – Token Lounge
04/12 Joliet, IL – The Forge
04/13 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
04/15 Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Studios
04/16 Denver, CO – The Venue
04/17 Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater
04/19 Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joes
04/21 Reno, NV – Virginia St. Brewhouse
04/22 Roseville, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
04/23 Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone


04/24 West Hollywood, CA – Rainbow Bar & Grill (feat. Steel Panther, Stephen Pearcy, etc.)

Metallica Share “MetOnTour” Video Edit Of “Fixxxer” From First 40th Anniversary Concert

Metallica have shared a “MetOnTour” video edit of “Fixxxer” from their December 17, 2021 show at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. That concert served as night one of the band’s 40th anniversary celebration at the aforementioned venue.

Marilyn Manson Reportedly Contributing To Kanye West’s “Donda 2”

It looks like Kanye West (aka Ye) is still collaborating with Marilyn Manson, despite the numerous disturbing rape and sexual assault allegations against him. The shock rocker is reportedly contributing to the rapper’s new album “Donda 2,” which is expected to be released on February 22.

West’s collaborator and producer Digital Nas told Rolling Stone the following:

“I see Marilyn a lot in the studio. Like, every day I go to the studio, Marilyn is there working on ‘Donda 2‘.”

He also added:

“[West] doesn’t want Marilyn to play rap beat. He wants Marilyn to play what he makes, and then Ye will take parts of that and sample parts of that and use parts of that, like he did [generally when making] ‘Yeezus‘. … He has some producers from ‘Yeezus‘ working on ‘Donda 2‘ this time around, [as well as] Marilyn, me, a bunch of producers from ‘Donda 1‘.”

Digital Nas also had the following to say about West‘s decision to work with Manson:

“I think it’s moreso that Ye is coming from a standpoint of like, ‘We all make mistakes.’ I think that’s maybe why he had DaBaby and Marilyn at that one show. I’m just assuming it is from a standpoint of like, ‘We’re all sinners. We all make mistakes. We shouldn’t point the finger at someone for the mistakes they’ve made or something like that.”

This news comes after it was revealed that Manson is currently eligible for a Grammy thanks to his work on West’s 2021 album “Donda,” which is up for “Album Of The Year.” Manson guested on “Jail pt 2” from that effort alongside DaBaby, who is currently facing backlash for making homophobic comments onstage. He also has writing credits on the song “Jail.”

The Cult Announce Spring U.S. Tour

The Cult have announced a spring U.S. tour. Here’s the dates for that run:

04/21 St. Petersburg, FL – Duke Energy Center For The Arts (Mahaffey Theatre)
04/23 Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
04/26 Memphis, TN – Graceland Live- The Soundstage At Graceland
04/28 Biloxi, MS – Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Hard Rock Live
04/29 Lake Charles, LA – Golden Nugget-Lake Charles-Grand Event Center
05/01 San Antonio, TX – Aztec Theatre
05/03 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues
05/04 Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Theatre
05/06 Denver, CO – Mission Ballroom
05/07 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
05/08 Las Vegas, NV – House Of Blues
05/10 San Diego, CA – Humphreys Concerts By The Bay
05/11 San Diego, CA – Humphreys Concerts By The Bay

GoFundMe Launched For Candy’s Drew Stark After He Was Struck By A Car

Candy guitarist Drew Stark recently suffered some serious injuries after getting hit by a car in Los Feliz, CA. You can help him out with medical bills by donating via GoFundMe.

The following statement was issued:

“As some of you know, Drew and a friend were seriously injured Wednesday, January 26th in Los Feliz Ca. when struck by a vehicle while walking down the sidewalk of Hollywood Blvd in front of the Covell Restaurant. He sustained compound fractures in both legs among other serious injuries. Drew will be in the hospital for at least the next week for surgeries to repair the damage. However, we are anticipating a lengthy recovery and are looking to ease his financial burden over the next few months, so all he needs to concentrate on is getting back on his feet, literally. We thank you for your prayers and well wishes, all much appreciated.”

An update has since been shared as well:

“We are happy to report Drew had a successful surgery today. He may have problems with security checkpoints and metal detectors moving forward, but he’s one step closer to getting back on his feet. He has a couple more surgery’s this week, and a couple more weeks in the hospital Thank you all. Your love and generosity is overwhelming.”

[via The PRP]

Def Leppard Expand Partnership With Primary Wave Music

Def Leppard have expanded their partnership with Primary Wave Music. As part of the deal, the company will “acquire an additional stake in the iconic band’s music publishing catalog as well as master royalty income stream.”

Rob Dippold, partner and chief digital strategy officer for Primary Wave Music, commented:

“With Def Leppard celebrating 45 years as a band this year, we at Primary Wave are beyond excited on further partnering with them in a more meaningful way. We are thrilled to continue building and elevating not only the band’s musical body of work but their impact in pop culture and the industry in general. It has been an absolute pleasure over the last decade working with the band, management and their entire team. We look forward to a collaborative, fun and fruitful relationship as the band continues to push new boundaries not only musically, but also in their live performance.”

Ramon Villa, chief operating officer at Primary Wave Music, added:

“When we partner with artists, we look at it as they are joining our family. Def Leppard is an icon in music history as they continue to entertain people worldwide. We are always excited and humbled when an iconic artist entrusts us to help further expand the reach of their creative body of work. In this case of Def Leppard, is it even more gratifying to see them happy in the family and wanting to expand the partnership. Welcome again, Def Leppard, and thank you!”

[via Blabbermouth]