Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Featured In New Ad Campaign For Plymouth Rock

Insurance company Plymouth Rock have recruited Judas Priest’s Rob Halford for a new advertising campaign. You can find three commercials from that campaign below. Halford commented:

“It feels good to be the first heavy metal pilgrim to partner with Plymouth Rock. I had a (laser) blast on this project.”

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Whoopi Goldberg Attends The HU’s New York City Show

It looks like Whoopi Goldberg is a fan of The HU. The actress attended the band’s September 18 show at Irving Plaza in New York City and even hung out with the group backstage. The HU shared the below photo of the meeting on their social media accounts:

“World Of Warcraft” Fans Want Cannibal Corpse Frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s In-Game Character Removed Due To Past Homophobic Slurs

According to The PRP, some “World Of Warcraft” fans want to get Cannibal Corpse frontman George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher’s in-game charter removed from the game. Their issues stem from a 2007 interview in which Fisher used homophobic slurs while discussing certain fictitious species in the game. Those comments also resurfaced during the 2011 “BlizzCon” and led Blizzard Entertainment co-founder and president Michael Morhaime to issue an apology.

This news comes as Blizzard Entertainment and Activision are facing legal action due to harassment and discrimination. This includes a lawsuit that was filed by the California Department Of Fair Employment And Housing, which said the following:

“Defendants’ ‘frat boy’ culture is a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women. Female employees are subjected to constant sexual harassment and discrimination against women. Female employees are subjected to constant sexual harassment, including having to continually fend off unwanted sexual commented and advances made by their male co-workers and supervisors and being groped at the ‘cube crawls’ and other company events.

High-ranking executives and creators engaged in blatant sexual harassment without repercussions. In a particularly tragic example, a female employee committed suicide during a business trip with a male supervisor who had brought butt plugs and lubricant with him on the trip.”

The lawsuit has resulted in developers making changes or removing creations and characters related to those allegations. Fisher’s character, an NPC orc named “Gorge The Corpsegrinder,” is still in the game for now, but Dextero.com are reporting that some have called to have it removed because of the aforementioned interview. An edited version of that chat can be found below:

Chelsea Wolfe Shares New Touring Documentary, Releases New Song “Green Altar” And Cover Of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”

Chelsea Wolfe has shared a new touring documentary focusing on her “Birth Of Violence” tour. You can check that out below:

Wolfe said the following about the film:

“It’s not my natural inclination to want cameras around when I’m in my head or doing vocal warmups before a show, or when I’m with friends or family backstage, but Bobby [Cochran] asked, and in the spirit of pushing myself to document that era of my musical life, I welcomed him along. Then, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I had to fly home from the European acoustic tour before I got to play a single show of it, I was so grateful that he had this footage and was putting it together. I wanted to share this documentary for that reason as well, for those who had tickets to canceled shows (I love you!), and as a sort of wave goodbye to the time I spent focused on Birth of Violence, as I’m now making plans for and in the headspace of the next new album.”

With this news, Wolfe has also released a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” and a new song titled “Green Altar.” She said the following about the cover:

“While preparing for the ‘Birth of Violence’ tour, I was watching a lot of Joni Mitchell videos. A 1966 Canadian performance that I found of hers ended up inspiring the video for my song ‘Highway.’ One night after working on the live set, Ben [Chisolm] and I were hanging out and I was just letting the Joni videos roll. ‘Woodstock’ came on and I started singing along. After that I simply asked Ben if he’d be into covering it with me for the tour, and we just went back into the studio and started working it out. The cover came together quite naturally and it was a treat to play on stage every night. Joni is obviously such a big inspiration to this side of my music, so it felt right to pay tribute to her.”

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Rush’s Geddy Lee Planning To Release His Memoir In Fall 2022

Rush’s Geddy Lee has confirmed that he is working on a memoir. The book is expected to be released in fall 2022.

Lee said the following:

“So, how did I kill time during the pandemic? Little did I know that as of March 2020 I’d be locked down for over a year and a half—the longest time I’d spent in Toronto since I was nineteen and hit the Northern Ontario bar circuit with Rush.

Although Nancy and I had to cancel a bunch of adventures we’d been planning, there were some shiny silver linings to be found at home: teaching my grandson the finer points of baseball and birdwatching, tending to my pups (one of whom was quite ill) and spending the evenings with my lovely better half, glass of Armagnac in hand, as we watched every European mystery show ever produced. Oh, and another thing: I began to write. Words, that is.

My friend and collaborator on the Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Daniel Richler, saw how I was struggling in the aftermath of Neil’s passing, and tried coaxing me out of my blues with some funny tales from his youth, daring me to share my own in return. So I did—reluctantly at first, but then remembering, oh yeah, I like wrestling with words. It’s a less physical version of arguing with musical notes, without a Ricky doubleneck breaking my back! And soon my baby-step stories were becoming grownup chapters. Being the nuclear obsessive that I am, I’d write and re-write them, reassessing perspectives in the narrative not just by scouring my memory banks but my diaries and piles of photo albums too. I was piecing together a mystery of a different kind.

I’d then send these improved and even illustrated stories to Daniel, who’d clean up some of the grammar and remove a lot of the swearing (I love to fucking swear), and presto! In a voice that sounded, well, just like me, a presentable, epic-length account of my life on and off the stage was taking shape: my childhood, my family, the story of my parents’ survival, my travels and all sorts of nonsense I’ve spent too much time obsessing over. And Daniel said, “I think you’re writing a book. An actual memoir, in fact.” To which I replied, “Hmm… I guess I am.”

I’m rounding third on this as-of-yet untitled memoir, which will be published by HarperCollins, edited by Noah Eaker, and is scheduled for release in Fall 2022.”

Vomit The Soul Premiere “Cold” Video

Vomit The Soul have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Cold.” That effort will be released on November 12.

The group commented:

“After years of waiting, we are super excited to release the first album single, ‘Cold‘. This song hits you hard as hell, while keeping the Vomit The Soul classic groove; it’s a dark sound but catchy at the same time, as we like it. The short film was the best way to visualise our musical style and the story behind the track, explaining the transition from our first album cover ‘Apostles Of Inexpression‘, through to the new incredible ‘Cold‘ artwork done by the master Caelan Stokkermas. After the mystical rite done in 2009, our apostles are going to take over the wandering souls and the obscurity will rise with power and wickedness!”

“Cold” Track Listing:

01. “Cold”
02. “Irreversible Damnation”
03. “Unchained From The Reflection”
04. “Mausoleum Of Ineptitude”
05. “Prelude To Nothing”
06. “Wordless Litany”
07. “The Lost Auera”
08. “Venerable No-One”
09. “Depravation Of The Soul ”

Skillet Frontman John Cooper Thinks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Are “Tyrannical”

Skllet’s John Cooper, who is unvaccinated, recently went on a nonsensical rant about COVID-19 vaccine mandates on his “Cooper Stuff” podcast. Unsurprisingly, the frontman believes that the common sense mandates are “tyrannical.”

Cooper said the following while discussing President Joe Biden’s decision to mandate vaccines or negative tests for businesses with more than 100 employees:

“All that’s going on here is an insane power grab. This is just an attack on Western values, on freedom, on the things that built the West — that’s all that’s going on about this because when you look at the data, when you look at the stuff being said, it is such absolute nonsense, it is such absolute lies, it is such bullying tactics and tyranny and totalitarianism that you can’t help but to ask questions. Even if you believe that vaccines are good, you have to look at what’s going on and say, ‘Okay, there’s something really nefarious going on.’ That’s all that this is.”

“Your president is losing his patience with you. You’re the problem. You’re probably a bigot and you’re probably a phobe of some sort and you’re the problem and you hate people. Just ask the woke Christians. You won’t be able to tell what they say because their mouths are full of woke cookies.

What is happening is a revolution against the West, against American values. But, really, what is at the bottom of that is Christianity. That’s why we are on the chopping block. I want to encourage you in your faith so that your eyes are open that you see what is actually going on.

You don’t have to agree with me about everything. Absolutely fine. I’ve never taken some harsh stance on vaccines. And even when I talk about masks, I’ve said what I think about masks and things like that. I have grace for you to do what you think is right. That is absolutely fine. What I am against is this absolute tyranny that is happening, this totalitarianism that is absolutely happening, and now we see it with these vaccine mandates.”

“I do believe these mandates are absolutely tyrannical and they’re totalitarian — there’s no question about that. The move for leftist authoritarianism right now is absolutely insane. What’s happening is that the leftist authoritarian power, that’s where the power is in the Democratic party that has hijacked the liberal movement… Old-school liberals are not into the leftist authoritarian stuff, but the leftists have hijacked that party.”

He went on to discuss recent studies that demonstrate the efficiency of natural immunity, while adding:

“They’re lying to us. That’s the end of the conversation to me. Why are you lying to us? We also know this — that there are a lot of complications, a lot of people that have had adverse reactions to these vaccines. You’re not allowed to say [that]; it gets you kicked off social media. And it also looks like that many of the people having these adverse reactions, it seems that if you had COVID and then got the vaccine that you might actually be more likely to have an adverse reaction. So, in other words, you might actually be putting yourself at more risk by getting the vaccine if you already had COVID, according to the data we have now. Why aren’t they saying that? Why is Doctor Fauci not saying [it]? He’s the lead guy. ‘The science.’

‘The science’ means nothing to me. I got zero poops for ‘the science,’ ’cause they don’t even believe what they’re saying. It’s not about data for these people; it’s about religious dogma. They are lying to you… Why are they lying to us? There’s something going on.”

“We’re watching this speech. Within 60 seconds, 75 seconds, the president is saying two different things. He’s saying, number one, ‘The vaccine’s amazing. It’s a miracle cure. This is the way we get out of this. It’s gonna heal the land. It’s gonna help everything. It’s absolutely awesome.’ 90 seconds later, he’s saying that if you’re unvaccinated, you’re putting everybody at risk.’ … Both of those things cannot be true. I’m not even saying whether I think the vaccines are awesome — I’m not saying that; you do whatever you wanna do; that’s above me — but you can’t say both of those things. You can’t say they’re absolutely awesome and they really work, but the unvaccinated are putting everybody at risk.

If you’re vaccinated, double-vaxxed, you still can get COVID, you still spread COVID. There’s even some data out of the U.K. that is suggesting that if you never had COVID but you got vaccinated, you are actually more likely — by far more likely — to contract COVID-19 than someone who actually had it once. By far.”

Cooper then floated a conspiracy theory about vaccines being used to control people:

“When you look out at what’s going on right now with my spiritual eyes on, as we all should have as Christians, what I really see going on is a campaign of propaganda and lies and fear. To me, this is a spiritual issue. Yes, it’s a physical issue — people are actually dying from COVID-19; that’s a real disease; I’m not saying it’s not; that’s obviously real — but, to me, it’s not really a pandemic of COVID, it’s a pandemic of fear, which is a spiritual matter. It is a thing that locks you up into fear, that makes you so crazy… It is a pandemic of fear to keep you locked up, to keep you absolutely locked up that ‘I am so afraid that I will give up anything to keep me safe. Government, keep me locked up, keep me isolated.’ Start pointing fingers at people that don’t mask, start pointing fingers at people that [don’t get vaccinated], pointing fingers [at people who] wanna go back to work, pointing fingers at people that — fill in the blank. Keep me absolutely locked up in fear. A lot of Christians have fallen into this too, because we have forgotten that we don’t have a spirit of fear. That’s what the Bible says: ‘Christ did not give you a spirit of fear but a power, love and a sound mind.’

When I look at all this stuff with the crazy mandates, the crazy stuff they’re trying to do, to not [give people the opportunity] to have a job anymore, I just look at this and I just think, shame on the government, shame on big media, shame on Big Tech. Can you not see at this point that all of these people are joined together in leftist authoritarianism to try to grab more power over your life?”

[via Blabbermouth]

Nonpoint Launch Fundraiser Shirt After Recently Having To Postpone Shows Due To Trailer Accident & Positive COVID-19 Cases

As previously reported, Nonpoint recently had to postpone some shows due to a trailer accident and some positive COVID-19 cases within the band. Now, the group have launched a special shirt in an effort to raise money to help themselves get back on their feet following these unfortunate setbacks. Nonpoint commented:

“As you’ve probably heard we’ve taken it pretty hard on the chin to say the least. The FULL STORY of our accident with the trailer and all the obstacles that came along with them are explained here in this video. The realities of touring at a time like this were a risk we reluctantly took for obvious reasons, but took it none the less. We’ve found out very quickly hoping for the best can be little against the realities of the road. We call to our fans and friends alike to help where they can. Details in the video and on nonpoint.com

Fleshgod Apocalypse Share Health Update On Francesco Paoli Following Recent Rock Climbing Accident

As previously reported, Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Francesco Paoli recently suffered some “severe injuries” following a rock climbing accident in Abruzzo, Italy. Now, the band have shared a new health update on the frontman:

“After a month of hospitalization and a successful surgery, Francesco is finally heading home! He’s feeling great, full of energy and ready to start rehab. Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts and support during these past few weeks. We’ll see you all on the road soon enough 🤟”