Max And Iggor Cavalera Planning To Bring Their “Return Beneath Arise” Tour To America

During a recent chat with That Metal Interview, Max Cavalera revealed that him and his brother Iggor Cavalera are planning to bring their “Return Beneath Arise” tour to America. That run will find the duo performing songs from Sepultura‘s “Beneath The Remains” and “Arise.”

Max said the following:

“We are just paying tribute to our old records. We played [Sepultura‘s] ‘Roots‘ for a while, and last year, we did a lot of ‘Beneath The Remains‘ and ‘Arise‘ together, and that was great. People love it, fans love it, especially in Europe and South America. Some of the South American shows are on YouTube; you can see [footage from] Mexico and Chile, and the crowd is singing every song.

Those records are so iconic; they’re masterpieces of that era. So we’re gonna do more of that. We’re gonna bring it to America, probably in the summer, with probably another cool band, have a cool package. So that’s pretty much what I’m doing with Igor right now — just paying tribute to our old stuff.”

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Henrik Palm (Ex-Ghost) To Release New Solo Album “Poverty Metal” This Fall

Henrik Palm (ex-Ghost, etc.) has signed a new deal with Svart Records and will be releasing his new album, “Poverty Metal,” through the label this fall, along with a reissue of “Many Days.” Svart Records’ Tomi Pulkki commented:

“What Henrik Palm creates with his songs of diverse influence is a rare explosion of outlandish and captivating rock that we’re really excited to present to a wider world. It’s not often that an artist can have us dancing to Voivod-ian discordant riffs and prog excursions with that Swedish knack for a well-crafted song. We’re getting ready to administer ‘Poverty Metal’ to the masses.”

Huntsmen Premiere “God Will Stop Trying” Video

Huntsmen have premiered a new video for their new song “God Will Stop Trying.” You can check that out below:

Vocalist Aimee Bueno commented:

“As someone who was raised religious, but now considers themself to be an atheist/humanist, “God Will Stop Trying” is particularly meaningful to me. This track represents a part of our heroine’s plight to which I can personally, and deeply, identify.

We had a long day, but filming with Anna and Ryan was a joy, and we are privileged to have worked with them! We hope everyone enjoys this video as much as we did filming it!”

The track will appear on the band’s new concept album, “Mandala Of Fear,” which will be released on March 13. The following was said about that effort:

“‘Mandala of Fear’ tells the tale of a soldier on her first combat mission gone wrong, as she encounters wartime horrors and traverses obstacles – both physical and emotional – dredging depths of internal resilience as she redefines the meaning of personal strength. Her saga can be consumed as a standalone epic, or approached as a metaphor for those same themes as experienced by the story’s authors.”

It’s worth noting that the band will also be releasing a 32-page graphic novel based on the album’s concept.

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Josey Scott Confirms That He Won’t Be Joining Saliva On Upcoming “Nu-Metal Revival” Tour

Josey Scott has confirmed that he will not be joining Saliva on their upcoming “Nu-Metal Revival” tour with Powerman 5000, Adema, and Flaw. The singer is still planning to return to the band at some point, but they still have to “iron out some details.”

Scott told Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF the following:

“I just wanted to clarify a few things to the fans and let the fans of SALIVA know that I don’t want to mislead them in any way. And I wanted to respond to the reaction from the fans about the tour that SALIVA is about to do, the ‘Nu-Metal’ tour announcement that came in, to let the fans of SALIVA know that, unfortunately, I will not be on that tour. But soon. It’s gonna be a minute until we can iron out some details. It sucks, but it’s little things that have to be done.

It’s all about the fans. And I just wanted to be completely authentic with the fans and let ’em know that I won’t be on this tour — for the rest of the year I won’t be out with SALIVA — but soon and very soon I’ll be coming back.

I just wanted to be clear with the fans, because I believe that they deserve to know the truth, of course. And I’ve heard some things online about people wondering if that’s me coming back, and I just wanna be clear that I’m not out on the road with SALIVA at this time.”

He also revealed that he is planning to “write some new music”:

“I’m looking forward to writing and creating with [former SALIVA guitarist] Chris D’Abaldo and [SALIVA guitarist] Wayne Swinny. They’re kind of the original nucleus of what SALIVA had to offer, I believe.

I’m hoping to get some new music ready around the anniversary of [SALIVA’s second album] ‘Every Six Seconds’, which will be in 2021. It’ll be 20 years… But, like I said, I’ll be, hopefully, fingers crossed, getting back together with Wayne Swinny. And me and Chris are like dark and light — we’re a package deal. [Laughs] So, anytime that Wayne is ready, me and Chris are ready to go. And we have Tosha Jones, who’s gonna play drums. And we have the ex-bass player for BREAKING BENJAMIN, Mark Klepaski, who’s gonna go in the studio with us and hopefully go on the road and be able to connect with the fans again.”

Scott continued when asked if he already has new material written:

“I have a million ideas. But I’m gonna single it down to two or three. I’m thinking about just releasing a single — just a solo single — to radio. And hopefully I’ll have that ready at least by the end of the year; I’ll have a new song ready to come out on radio.”

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Sepultura To Release Deluxe Edition Of “Beneath The Remains” In April

Sepultura will be releasing a deluxe version of “Beneath The Remains” on April 3. The effort, which can be pre-ordered HERE, has been remastered and it will come with various bonus tracks. You can check out a mixdown version of “Mass Hypnosis” from the release below:

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Beneath The Remains” (2020 Remaster)
02. “Inner Self” (2020 Remaster)
03. “Stronger Than Hate” (2020 Remaster)
04. “Mass Hypnosis” (2020 Remaster)
05. “Sarcastic Existence” (2020 Remaster)
06. “Slaves Of Pain” (2020 Remaster)
07. “Lobotomy” (2020 Remaster)
08. “Hungry” (2020 Remaster)
09. “Primitive Future” (2020 Remaster)
10. “A Hora E a Vez Do Cabelo Nascer” (2020 Remaster)
11. “Inner Self” (Drum Tracks) [2020 Remaster]
12. “Mass Hypnosis” (Drum Tracks) [2020 Remaster]
13. “Slaves Of Pain” (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
14. “Inner Self” (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
15. “Hungry” (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
16. “Stronger Than Hate” (Mixdown) [Instrumental]
17. “Sarcastic Existence” (Mixdown) [Instrumental]

Disc 2:

01. “Lobotomy” (Mixdown)
02. “Mass Hypnosis” (Mixdown)
03. “Primitive Future” (Mixdown)
04. “Beneath The Remains” (Mixdown)
05. “Primitive Future” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
06. “Inner Self” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
07. “Escape To The Void” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
08. “Sarcastic Existence” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
09. “Slaves Of Pain” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
10. “Mass Hypnosis” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
11. “Troops Of Doom” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
12. “Holiday In Cambodia” (Dead Kennedys cover) (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
13. “Beneath The Remains” (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)
14. “Symptom Of The Universe” (Black Sabbath cover) (Live at Zeppelinhalle, Kaufbeuren, West Germany, 9/22/1989)

Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe) Is Reportedly “Almost Done” With His New Solo Album

It looks like Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe) is nearly finished with his new solo album. Jacob Bunton, who sings on the record, confirmed the news to

Bunton said the following:

“I can tell you that I’m involved and the past several months we wrote and recorded a record and Michael Wagener produced it. The great Michael Wagener from [mixing 1986 METALLICA album] ‘Master Of Puppets’ and all that kind of stuff. He worked with MÖTLEY CRÜE on their very first record ‘Too Fast For Love’, when they did it themselves they recorded the record and then Michael Wagener mixed, and then when they got the record deal with Elektra, [QUEEN producer] Roy Thomas Baker ended up going back and remixing it. But on all of their self-released copies, it’s Michael. But to make a long story short, Michael’s producing the record because that was the first producer Mick worked with in MÖTLEY CRÜE, so he wanted to do his solo album, so it’s been really cool. We’ve been recording it in Nashville and we’re almost done.”

He also added:

“The songs are really cool, the record is really cool. He’s such an inventive player and his riffs are insane and it’s definitely going to be what people are expecting. When they hear it … It’s really cool.”

Malevolence Premiere Music Video For “Keep Your Distance” Feat. Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris

Malevolence have premiered a new video for their new song “Keep Your Distance.” This track features Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris and it will appear on the band’s new EP “The Other Side,” which is set to be released on April 24.

Malevolence told Kerrang! the following:

“‘Keep Your Distance‘ encompasses the difficulty in making the decision to cut off those around you that bring nothing positive to your life. It was written about positive aggression; having the strength to remove and liberate yourself from any negative influence that you see fit – a sentiment that we believe everyone can relate to.”

They also added the following about working with Garris:

“Since the song is short and sweet, we wanted a high energy video that would truly capture the vibe and chaotic nature of our live performances. Bryan hit the studio to record his part a day or two before the tour started and jumped on stage to sing it with us every night with immediate effect.”

Watch Trailer For Lynyrd Skynyrd “Street Survivors” Film

A new trailer has been released for “Street Survivors: The True Story Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash.” The biopic focuses on the plane crash that claimed the lives of several members of Lynyrd Skynyrd from the perspective of drummer Artimus Pyle. The film recently premiered at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and it is expected to receive a VOD/Blu-ray release on June 30 via Cleopatra Etertainment.

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) To Speak At New Zealand Parliament Event On Armenian Genocide

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), who is the grandchild of Armenian Genocide survivors, will be discussing the tragedy and how it personally impacted his life during a New Zealand Parliament event next month. The invitation-only event will be hosted by Gareth Hughes and it will also feature Dr. Panayiotis Diamadis, who will discuss how New Zealanders helped out victims of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides during World War I. ANC-NZ chair Hoory Yeldizian commented:

“We thank Mr. Tankian and Dr. Diamadis for accepting our invitation, which will continue our recent efforts with Professor Taner Akcam in advocating for New Zealand’s recognition of the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocides.”

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