Entombed To Release “Clandestine/Malmö” 2 CD/DVD In November

Original Entombed members Alex Hellid, Uffe Cederlund, and Nicke Andersson will be releasing a new 2 CD/DVD set titled “Clandestine/Malmö” on November 12. The effort will feature a special show in which the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and a choir performed “Clandestine” with original members of the band and vocalist Orvar Säfström. It will also come with the band playing it in full along with former Morbus Chron members Edvin Aftonfalk and Robert Andersson.

Track Listing:

01. Prelude – Clandestine
02. Living Dead
03. Sinners Bleed
04. Evilyn
05. Blessed Be
06. Interlude – The Deep Slumber
07. Stranger Aeons
08. Chaos Breed
09. Crawl
10. Severe Burns
11. Postlude – Through The Collonades
12. Act I – Malmö Symphony Orchestra
13. Intro
14. Living Dead
15. Sinners Bleed
16. Evilyn
17. Blessed Be
18. Strangers Aeons
19. Chaos Breed
20. Crawl
21. Severe Burns
22. Through The Collonades
23. Left Hand Path
24. Act II – Entombed

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Geoff Tate To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Queensrÿche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” On European Tour

Former Queensrÿche vocalist Geoff Tate will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band’s “Operation: Mindcrime” on a European tour. You can find the dates for that below.

Tour Dates:

Jan. 11 – Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 12 – The Belfast Empire, Belfast, UK
Jan. 13 – Corporation – Sheffield, UK
Jan. 14 – Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd, UK
Jan. 15 – The Garage, London, UK
Jan. 16 – Trillians, Newcastle, UK
Jan. 17 – The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
Jan. 18 – G2, Glasgow, UK
Jan. 19 – Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby, UK
Jan. 20 – Rebellion, Manchester, UK
Mar. 22 – Moonlight Music Hall, Diest, Belgium *
Mar. 23 – Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, Netherlands *
Mar. 24 – Le Forum de Vauréal, Vauréal, France *
Mar. 25 – Ninkasi Kao, Lyon, France *
Mar. 27 – Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain*
Mar. 28 – Sala Rock City, Almàssera, Spain*
Mar. 29 – Hard Club, Porto, Portugal *
Mar. 30 – RCA Club, Lisbon, Portugal *
Mar. 31 – Sala Arena, Madrid, Spain *
Apr. 01 – Secret Place (Home Of Underground Rock), Montpellier, France *
Apr. 03 – Live Music Club, Trezzo sull’Adda, Italy *
Apr. 04 – Orion, Rome, Italy *
Apr. 05 – Zona Roveri Music Factory, Bologna, Italy *
Apr. 06 – ((szene)) Wien, Vienna, Austria *
Apr. 07 – Babylon Club, Bratislava, Slovakia *
Apr. 08 – Colosseum Music Club, Sokolov, Czech Republic *
Apr. 10 – Barba Negra, Budapest, Hungary *
Apr. 11 – Progresja, Warsaw, Poland *
Apr. 12 – Lido Berlin, Berlin, Germany *
Apr. 13 – Backstage München, Munich, Germany *
Apr. 14 – Konzertfabrik Z7 Bleibt, Pratteln, Switzerland *
Apr. 15 – Baroeg, Rotterdam, Netherlands *
Apr. 17 – The Underworld Camden, London, UK *
Apr. 18 – The Rock’n’Roll Shop, Charmes, France *
Apr. 19 – Turock Open Air, Essen, Germany *
Apr. 20 – Goron, Moscow, Russia *
Apr. 21 – Opera House, St. Petersberg, Russia *

* With Angra

Behemoth Involved In Polish Criminal Investigation For Allegedly Disrespecting National Coat Of Arms With Their Merchandise

Behemoth have gotten involved in a Polish criminal investigation due to their “Republic Of The Unfaithful” merchandise allegedly disrespecting the national coat of arms of Poland.

Adam “Nergal” Darski said the following about that:

“So here I go again. On my way to the prosecutors office in Gdansk to be questioned as a suspect in “The republic of the unfaithful” case. Me and my partner in “crime” Maciek Manticore Gruszka is showing up too. Several individuals have been already questioned including heraldists who have made their statement clear: THIS IS NOT A POLISH EMBLEM. Apparently it’s not nuff for the decision makers in the court. Are they looking for a scapegoat?

Is this another attempt of the Polish government to convict Nergal and give an example for other artists? What’s the hidden message of those actions may I ask? “Do NOT fuck with us”? “Polish emblem as well as other religious symbols are meant to be untouchable”?, “art has its strict borders and thou shalt obey Nergal!”? Weird times, weird country, weird vibes… I do NOT feel safe and comfortable here I must admit but do I feel guilty? Fuck no.

I worship the reason and I’m a massive fan of logic therefore it is OBVIOUS that the eagle that has NO crown can NOT be a Polish emblem. Period. Sadly we have stopped selling shirts with this motive (but hey, it’s ALREADY the best selling shirt in our catalogue! huurraaay!) but what we r gonna do with fans who have tattooed “The republic of the unfaithful” on their back? Shall we arrest them? Peel the skin off? Cover it up?

These rhetorical questions I’m gonna leave unanswered here and go to do what I do best: piss stupid people off with sincere and honest art and I shall NEVER give up on my freedom to do so. “Do what Thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”! Enjoy your day folks!”


Arsis Post New Album Teaser

Arsis are currently recording a new album with producer Mark Lewis. You can check out a teaser for that below:

The band commented:

“Since the conclusion of the touring cycle for Unwelcome, myself and the members of Arsis have been busy with other projects, but I’m happy to announce that a new album is almost finished!

After returning home from a tour with Necromancing The Stone last March, I began writing for the next Arsis release and soon found myself completely consumed in the process. I don’t want to make an incredibly bold statement and say something to the effect of ‘it’s our best effort since (insert the highest regarded album title here)’ but I can say that I have not been this focused on a project since working on A Diamond for Disease. I feel that this focus is reflected in the music and I look forward to the album’s completion.

We finished tracking drums last week with producer Mark Lewis in Nashville and we will be tracking the rest of the album in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for studio videos and updates. Until then be sure to check out this pre-production video on some of our new songs that Shawn Priest put together!”

Thrice Will Be Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of “The Alchemy Index” On Their Upcoming Tour

Thirce will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2007 album “The Alchemy Index” with some special sets on their upcoming tour with Circa Survive. The band posted the following video:

King Diamond Posts “Halloween” Live Video

King Diamond has posted a new live video for “Halloween.” The clip is still “unmixed” and “not necessarily final,” but when the final product is finished it will appear on his upcoming DVD, which was filmed in Philadelphia, PA and Detroit, MI back in 2015.

Devin Townsend Talks Upcoming Albums

Devin Townsend has been tweeting about the four albums he’s been working on, including a new Devin Townsend Project album called “Empath,“ his “cock symphony” project “The Moth,” and two other untitled releases. He posted the following:

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