9Electric Premiere “The Damaged Ones” Music Video

9Electric have premiered a new video for the title track of their debut album “The Damaged Ones.” Check it out below:

Thunderwood told Loudwire the following:

“This is the title track from our album The Damaged Ones … a song that encapsulates a dark part of the human condition: eventually we all experience some kind of damage. I’d wanted to work with Marco De Molina (producer) and the Cordero brothers for a long time, and we wanted a big performance but also really liked this bizarre ‘yarn people’ concept… people have to shed their scars and baggage to see their true selves. We got something gritty and moody and I’m really stoked!”

Eyehategod Announce New Orleans, LA Benefit Shows For Mike IX Williams

Eyehategod have announced some New Orleans, LA benefit shows for their singer Mike IX Williams, who is in the hospital awaiting a liver transplant. These shows will take place February 3-5 at Siberia and Poor Boys, and they will also include: Crowbar, Goatwhore, Flesh Parade, Mountain Of Wizard, Thou, Bower, Bruce Lamont (Corrections House), Class Hole, Somethings Burning, Fat Stupid Ugly People, and more.


In other news, Michelle Maher-Williams has offered another update on Mike IX Williams’ condition:

“Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you on Michael‘s condition. A few weeks ago, they discovered the reason that he kept bleeding internally was due to a bleeding ulcer combined with a very low clotting factor. He underwent endoscopic surgery where they put 3 clips on the ulcer to stop the bleeding. We were informed that it’s in a very fragile area prone to bleed again.

Which, of course, it did. Several times. Eventually, they went in and cauterized the ulcer, hoping to put an end to the bleeding. They also worked on raising his clotting factors with medications to help do so. During this time, the results of Mike‘s stress test came back positive for heart damage. His liver failure has taken a toll on his heart and he needed to undergo a procedure to repair it.

He was told that he would have to be put on blood thinners and, when combined with his already low clotting ability, there was a very high risk that he could bleed out and die on the table. If he didn’t have the procedure, he’d be removed from the transplant list. There was no other choice. He had to do it.

Thankfully, there were no complications, and Michael pulled through. He has to remain on blood thinners until December 8th. Once they are out of his system, it’s transplant time!

Thanks so much to all of you for helping him get this far. I dread to think where he would be without it. His deductible is paid for, as is a portion of his past due hospital bills. But we still need to cover the actual surgery, as well as this current monster of a hospital stay and his aftercare, which involves a ton of expenses. Please continue to send positive thoughts, donate and share, share, share!

Much love and gratitude,
Michelle Maher-Williams”

You can help out by donating HERE.

The Charm The Fury Sign With Nuclear Blast

The Charm The Fury have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast and plan to release a new album in March. You can see a teaser for the effort below:

Here’s an official press release:


Amsterdam based metal band The Charm The Fury have signed with Nuclear Blast Records (worldwide) and Arising Empire (Europe) for a new album due in March 2017.

As the follow-up to their debut album, A Shade Of My Former Self, the band will release a new album in March 2017 through the established rock and metal independent.

THE CHARM THE FURY have matured since their debut. With several of Europe’s biggest festivals under their belt, they have transformed their sound into a startling slab of ultra-modern but utterly distinctive metal that shrewdly and honestly redefines what THE CHARM THE FURY is all about. Driven by a collective distaste for the state of the world in the 21st century, the band recorded an angry album underpinned by ferocious intelligence and a heartfelt desire to wake people out of their digital stupors.

With more details about the band’s new album to come, the critical moment has arrived: THE CHARM THE FURY are armed, ready and hungry for the next big push. When it explodes in 2017, the smart money is on these diehard noisemakers claiming their rightful place among the new metal elite. They have the songs, the determination and the charisma to make it happen.

The band:

Caroline Westendorp – Vocals
Mathijs Tieken – Drums
Rolf Perdok – Guitars
Martijn Slegtenhorst – Guitars
Lucas Arnoldussen – Bass

Volbeat Post “Seal The Deal” Live Video From FortaRock Festival

Volbeat have premiered a new live video for their song “Seal The Deal.” This song is from the band’s latest album, “Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie,” which is available now. The footage for the clip was captured at the FortaRock Festival in Nijmegen, NET back in June.

Ice Nine Kills To Release Re-Recorded Version Of “Safe Is Just A Shadow” In January

Ice Nine Kills have re-recorded their album “Safe Is Just A Shadow” and plan to re-release it on January 6. The new version of the effort will be titled “Safe Is Just A Shadow (Re-Shadowed)” and it can be preordered HERE. You can listen to the re-recorded version of “The People Under The Stairs” below:

Spencer Charnas commented:

“With the evolution of our skills as musicians, and the original producer, Steve Sopchak, having established himself at the top of his craft, we felt this was a perfect time to re-record the album and give it that extra attention that it always deserved. We’ve also repackaged the album with the impressive Toby Fraser produced artwork that was originally supposed to accompany the release.”

In other news, the band will also perform the album in full at the following shows with Chasing Safety:

01/04 Rochester, NY – Harmony House
01/05 Whitehall, PA – Planet Trog
01/06 Stanhope, NJ – Stanhope House
01/07 Hamden, CT – The Space
01/08 Peabody, MA – Peabody Elks Lodge

Initial Lineup For 2017 Impericon Festivals

Performers for the various Impericon Festivals have been revealed. You can see the dates along with their individual lineups below.

Tour Dates:

04/14 Wien, AUT – Arena

Lineup: Sick Of It All, Thy Art Is Murder, Being As An Ocean, Breakdown Sanity, Miss May I, and In Hearts Wake.

04/15 Leipzig, GER – Neue Messe

Lineup: Parkway Drive, Sick Of It All, Asking Alexandria, Stick To Your Guns, Anti-Flag, Being As An Ocean, Thy Art Is Murder, Breakdown Of Sanity, Miss May I, Swiss + Die Andern, Wolfdown, and In Hearts Wake.

04/17 Manchester, UK – Academy

Lineup: Thy Art Is Murder, Miss May I, Being As An Ocean, and In Hearts Wake.

04/21 Zürich, SWI – X-TRA

Lineup: Breakdown Sanity, Anti-Flag, Thy Art Is Murder, Miss May I, and Being As An Ocean.

04/22 Oberhausen, AUT – Turbinenhalle

Lineup: Caliban, Thy Art Is Murder, Being As An Ocean, Breakdown Sanity, Rogers, Miss May I, Swiss + Die Andern, Wolfdown, and Henriette B.

04/30 München, GER – Zenith

Lineup: Anti-Flag, Thy Art Is Murder, Miss May I, Being As An Ocean, Swiss + Die Andern, Wolfdown, and In Hearts Wake.

Chris Adler (Lamb Of God) Joins Michael Angelo Batio & Jim Gillette In Reunited Nitro

Nitro have officially reunited with founding members Michael Angelo Batio and Jim Gillette. Interestingly the two have also recruited Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler to join the band as well.


Adler said the following:

“I’m not sure who keeps giving my phone number to the most talented musicians on the planet but, I couldn’t be more thrilled! I used to wonder what a metal band would sound like with all the cheat codes unlocked and well, I don’t wonder about that anymore. I’m blown away by the modern sound and groove in the material. The chaos has been harnessed and it’s incredibly heavy.”

Gillette added:

“I’m honored to be surrounded by such insanely talented musicians. I mean, Michael and Chris are the best of the best. So yeah, it’s very exciting, humbling and even a little intimidating. To be honest, I’m less intimidated when I get in the ring with a 300-pound monster that wants to tear my head off!”