Limp Bizkit To Release New Single On Cassette

According to Loudwire, Limp Bizkit will be releasing a new single, titled “Endless Slaughter,” from their new album, Stampede Of The Disco Elephants. The only catch is the fact that it is only going to be available on cassette. Also, the only way to get the cassette is to go to a concert and pick it up at their merch booth. So basically, you can only hear it if you still own a cassette player and if you plan on going to an upcoming concert.

The band issued the following statement:

“ENDLESS SLAUGHTER is the first “experience” from our new album STAMPEDE OF THE DISCO ELEPHANTS and will be available only on CASSETTE in about two weeks or so. Plus, these lovely collectibles will be sold only at our concerts. I’d suggest finding one of your oldest of old school friends to supply the cassette deck equipped BOOM BOX for your analogue listening pleasure. No rules. No limits.”

(Image from Limp Bizkit's site)

(Image from Limp Bizkit’s site)

Ministry To Tour In Support Of “From Beer To Eternity”

According to The PRP, Ministry will be going on tour to support their record From Beer To Eternity. Even though the band is going on tour, they don’t have any plans for future material, making From Beer To Eternity, the last Ministry album. There is no information about who will fill in for Mike Scaccia, who passed away back in December of 2012, but vocalist Al Jourgensen says the person is well known.

Al Jourgensen said the following about the tour:

“Yup you heard right…will be touring the FBTE album….the set will be FBTE in it’s exact order…and a few oldies for an encore…and it just won’t be America and Europe this time….we’ll see ya down under as well as Mexico South America and Japan…so start rounding up every fucking Amish teen you can find and bring em to the shows…..I will exact my revenge on those bastards….I’m still puking from their toxic “wood milk ” shit…….yuk!…if there was ever a reason to tour this is it….oh btw…it’s a secret for now…but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the dude that’ll take Mikey’s place……ok that’s it….so let it be written …so let it be done….
P.S. still not a chance in hell there will be another Ministry album…..will be doing some side stuff though when I get my ass to LA…..Mikey’s last words to me were….FBTE could not be topped …so why bother MINISTRY RECORDINGS ARE DONE !!!! Carve that shit on a stone tablet!”

(Image from Ministry's Facebook)

(Image from Ministry’s Facebook)

Black Veil Brides To Release New Album This Fall

Black Veil Brides are planning to release their fourth album this Fall. The band posted a picture on all their social media accounts with “#BVB4” and with the date October 28 written, as well. There has been no other information announced, as of yet.

(Image from Facebook, Instagram etc.)

(Image from Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Goatwhore Release First Single From Constricting Rage of the Merciless

According to Loudwire, Goatwhore have released the first single from their upcoming album, Constricting Rage of the Merciless. Along with the single, “FBS,” the band has also released their new album’s artwork.

Check out the new single:


Aftershock 2014 Announced

The lineup for this year’s Aftershock Festival, at Discovery Park in Sacramento, California, has been revealed. The festival will take place September 13 – 14 and will feature bands such as Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Offspring, Butcher Babies, Limp Bizkit, Mastodon, Seether, Buckcherry and many more.


Pre-Shock Pre-Sale starts June 3.